Robotics for a Reason

Our mechanical engineering students and faculty are working on research focusing on controls, robotics, and automation.

This year, we launched a rocket that will collect data to aid future Earth or Mars orbits. We've also helped develop robots that detect land mines and a military ship capable of autonomous navigation.


Hands-On Learning

In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, we want you to have the academic and practical experiences you need for a career in engineering. That's why we focus on hands-on experiences and projects.

The details of dynamics, vibrations, design, and controls all come to life in our labs, so you can develop your engineering intuition.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

With mechanical engineering, you can design the machines that make our lives better, easier, and more efficient, whether that's determining the best way to capture hydroelectricity or designing the newest fighter jets.

In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, we value creativity and methodology, and we want to help you cultivate those skills so you can rise to the top in whichever design field you choose. Learn more about us and our undergraduate and graduate programs, and find out where mechanical engineering can take you.