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Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are leaders in their fields. As subject matter experts and dedicated educators, their passion is for providing students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to become future leaders, thinkers, and doers.

Department Head

Alan Barhorst
Department Head
(337) 482-6517
Rougeou Hall, Room 320

Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Nicole Barry
(337) 482-6607
Rougeou Hall, Room 243

Jalel Ben Hmida
(337) 482-6622
Rougeou Hall, Room 227

Terrence Chambers
Donald & Janice Mosing BORSF Endowed Chair in Mechanical Engineering
(337) 482-6731
Rougeou Hall, Room 245

Stephen Dufreche
Research Scientist
Director, Cleco Alternative Energy Center

Mostafa (Mike) Elsayed
(337) 482-5363
Rougeou Hall, Room 257

William Emblom
(337) 482-5359
Rougeou Hall, Room 109-C

Tanvir Faisal
Assistant Professor
Rougeou Hall, Room 240

Raju Gottumukkala
Assistant Professor
(337) 482-0632
Rougeou Hall, Room 223

John Guillory
Associate Professor
(337) 482-5360
Rougeou Hall, Room 238

Carla Hodge
(337) 482-6519
Rougeou Hall, Room 320-C

Seonhee Jang
Assistant Professor
(337) 482-6524
Rougeou Hall, Room 236

Lulin Jiang
Assistant Professor
(337) 482-5718
Rougeou Hall, Room 224

Ahmed Khattab, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Engineering
Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Technology
Graduate Faculty, Department of Mechanical Engineering
(337) 482-6166
Madison Hall, Room 106E

Jim Lee
(337) 482-5354
Rougeou Hall, Room 244

Yonas Niguse
Professor of Practice
(337) 482-5355
Rougeou Hall, Room  261

Yasmeen Qudsi
(337) 482-6525
Rougeou Hall, 239

Jonathan Raush
Assistant Professor
(337) 482-1807
Rougeou Hall, 262

Kary Ritter, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Concentrating Solar Power, Cleco Alternative Energy Center
Mechanical Engineering Virtual Reality Lab
Rougeou Hall, 212

William Simon
(337) 482-6518
Rougeou Hall, Room 263

Charles Taylor
Assistant Professor
(337) 482-5717
Rougeou Hall, Room 241

Joshua Vaughan
Associate Professor
(337) 482-1207
Rougeou Hall, Room 225

Peng Yin
Assistant Professor
(337) 482-6519
Rougeou Hall, Room 222

Pengfei Zhang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Technology
Graduate Faculty, Department of Mechanical Engineering
(337) 482-6973
Rougeou Hall, Room 219


Mechanical Engineering Staff

Jeff Guidry
Machine Shop Supervisor
Rougeou Hall, Room 135

Linda LaFleur
Administrative Assistant
Rougeou Hall, Room  248