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Departmental Job Opportunities

Undergraduate Student Job Opportunities

None available at this time.

Master's Student Job Opportunities

None available at this time.

Doctoral Student Job Opportunities

Multifunctional Materials and Devices Lab (MMDL) led by Dr. Seonhee Jang is looking for a PhD student starting 2020 Spring. He/she will work on research on fabrication and characterization of functional thin films using the state-of-the-art plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition system, which is widely used in the electronics industry including semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, displays, solar cells, sensors, etc. He/she will gain hands-on experience and technical skills to enhance his/her job position or research/leadership potentials. The graduate research assistantship will be available to support tuition and stipend. Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Jang via email (