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Jalel Ben Hmida

Professor of Practice

Ph.D., System Engineering, University of Louisiana, 2019
M.S. Telecommunications, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2010
M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Tunis, Tunisia, 2001
B.S.  Electrical Engineering, University of Tunis, Tunisia, 1991

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 43678
Lafayette, LA 70504-3636
Rougeou Hall 241

Phone: 337-482-5717


Courses Taught:

ENGR 501 - Data Analysis for Engineering Projects
MCHE 508 - Engineering Project Management
ECON 430 -  Engineering Economics and Finance

Areas of Research Interest:

  • Optimization of large scale systems
  • Power systems analysis and operation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Integration of renewable energy sources into power systems
  • Production Scheduling
  • Inventory Management

Honors and Awards:

  • NSF Grants #EEC-1548214 -1548322 -1548319 supporting ASSIST Travel Grants, 2018-2019
  • NASA workshop facilitator in computer programming and engineering design, July 2014
  • NASA Master Teacher, Armstrong Flight Research Center, Palmdale, CA, July 2013

Selected Publications:

J. Ben Hmida, T. Chambers, J. Lee, “Solving constrained optimal power flow with renewables using hybrid modified imperialist competitive algorithm and sequential quadratic programming” Electric Power Systems Research, Elsevier, 177, 105989, 2019

M. Chaari, A. Fekih, A. Seibi, J. Ben Hmida, “A Generalized Reduced-Order Dynamic Model for Two-Phase Flow in Pipes” ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering, 141(10), 101303, 2019

J. Ben Hmida, M. Javad Morshed, J. Lee, T. Chambers, “Hybrid Imperialist Competitive and Grey Wolf Algorithm to Solve Multiobjective Optimal Power Flow with Wind and Solar Units” Energies, 11, 2891, 2018

M. Chaari, A. Fekih, A. Seibi, J. Ben Hmida, “A frequency-domain approach to improve ANNs generalization quality via proper initialization” Neural Networks, 2018

MJ. Morshed, J. Ben Hmida, A Fekih, “A Probabilistic Multi-Objective Approach for Power Flow Optimization in hybrid Wind-PV-PEV Systems” Applied Energy, Elsevier, Vol 11, 2018

G. Parapuram, M. Mokhtari, J. Ben Hmida, “An Artificially Intelligent Technique to Generate Synthetic Geomechanical Well Logs for the Bakken Formation” Energies, 11, 680, 2018

M. Chaari, A. Seibi, J. Ben Hmida and A. Fekih, “An Optimized ANN Unifying Model for Steady-State Liquid Holdup Estimation in Two-Phase Gas–Liquid Flow” ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering, FE-17-1640, 2018

J. Ben Hmida, J. Lee, X. Wang and F. Boukadi, “Production scheduling for continuous manufacturing systems with quality constraints”, Production & Manufacturing Research, Taylor & Francis, 2:1, 95-111, 2014

J. Ben Hmida, S. Parekh, J. Lee, “Integrated inventory ranking system for oilfield equipment industry”, Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, Vol 7, Nº1, 2014

J. Ben Hmida, A.  Gaspard, and J. Lee, “TQM-Based Equipment Maintenance in Oilfield Service Industries” Global Perspectives on Engineering Management (GPEM), ISSN:2304-9375, 2013

J. Ben Hmida, G. Regan, and J. Lee, “Inventory Management and Maintenance in Offshore Vessel Industry”, Journal of Industrial Engineering, vol. 2013, Article ID 851092, 2013.