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Mechanical Engineering is one of broadest of the engineering disciplines. The core curriculum includes the study of materials, manufacturing processes, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, energy systems, controls, and machine design. UL Lafayette Mechanical Engineering graduates are prepared to work in any of the traditional mechanical engineering areas, as well as related fields such as the biomedical and aeronautical fields. 

Mechanical engineering design requires both creativity and a methodical approach. Whether the goal is a new tool or system (e.g., piping system for cooling equipment), the design process includes research, generation of multiple design concepts, selection and refinement of a final design, design calculations, drawings/documentation, build, and test. Mechanical engineers design and develop a myriad of equipment and systems that benefit society. These include tooling and tools for the oil service industry, under water remotely operated vehicles, machines for medical diagnostics, car engines, jet engines, turbine generators, plant piping/ process systems, and air conditioning systems. In addition to design, mechanical engineers work in research and development, analysis and testing, manufacturing, plant operations, and simulation using high powered computer software.

Mechanical Engineering is ranked in the top ten of best technology jobs and the top 100 or all careers according to U.S. News and World Report.

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